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Resources and Education:

Empower Your Farming Journey with Knowledge

Explore our extensive resource library filled with articles, guides, and tutorials on organic farming practices.

- Uncover effective ways to optimise yields.

- Discover tips for pest management and disease prevention.

- Learn about the benefits of organic farming for your crops and the environment.

Farmer Adoption and Impact:

- Monitor the adoption rate of organic insecticides among organic cocoa farmers.
- Measure improvements in pest control efficacy, crop health, and yield for organic cocoa farms.
- Conduct periodic assessments to evaluate the economic and environmental impact of organic insecticides on organic cocoa farming practices.


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Local Formulation and Processing of Organic Agricultural Inputs:


YGOIL intends to establish a local formulation plant in Suhum, Ghana, to process and formulate Agropy 5EW concentrates sourced from Rwanda into finished products. This will address logistical challenges, reduce costs, and enhance market accessibility.